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1. Maximum speed is 35 mph. DO NOT TAKE ON FREEWAY.

2.No ball on bumper allowed per DOT.

3.Rental period is 2 hours.

~~~If mixer is returned late, there will be a charge of $1.00 per minute.

4.Mixer MUST be CLEAN without any concrete left in mixer.

~~~There is a $50.00 cleaning deposit, if it is not clean you will NOT get this deposit back.

5.If you are taking more than 1 yard you will receive a cover.


~~~~If cover is not returned you will be charged a $60.00 replacement fee.

6.  505 Hitch-N-Go is not responsible for measurements or calculations of job site/project. Lessee is fully responsible for all liabilities and/or damages that may occur while equipment is in his/her possession.

If you need to rent more than mixer at a time, you will be charged separately for each mixer as well as fuel and the cleaning deposit.

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